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Unvaccinated Adult Travelers Pose Measles Risk


It would seem as late the pro vaccine propaganda machine is turning away from small children and towards adults. This week the CDC recommended a 3rd MMR to so called high risk groups during outbreaks and health experts are saying unvaccinated adults are carriers of measles. I guess going after the children was not enough. For those who don’t know

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Mineral Water Found to Reduce Symptoms of Alzheimer’s & Vaccine Injury Boycotted


Mineral Water Found to Reduce the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease and Vaccine Injury is Boycotted by Supermarkets By TLB Contributing Author: Christina England, BA Hons Major supermarkets are deceiving us in one of the worst ways possible – by deliberately boycotting products that can reverse the damage caused by continuous exposure to toxic aluminum.  As many of us are aware, the

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