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Vaccine Induced Brain Damage: Mercury & Glutamate Neurotransmitters

vaccine brain damage

By: Roger Landry (TLB) Let’s open with some pretty straight forward and tough questions. What follows (next four short paragraphs) is an excerpt from another vaccine article I published over a year ago … And since I could not have possibly put it better … •••• Have you ever wondered how it must feel bearing the mental weight (conscience) for

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British Musician Takes On Vaccine Issues With A Musical Video


British Musician Takes On Vaccine Issues With A Musical Video By Catherine J. Frompovich Almost everyone is discussing the sexual harassment and violations perpetrated upon females by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. Professional colleagues are embarrassed about being associated with Weinstein. Harvey’s wife is divorcing him. The motion picture industry is neutralizing—probably voiding him out of the profession and industry. Others,

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Deadly Jabs – The Facts: Vaccines, Autism, Cancer & HIV


By: Roger Landry (TLB) What we present you here is a cacophony and a virtual cornucopia, of information in a full blown multimedia article (documents, videos and recorded shows) looking at the vaccine blight being perpetrated on humanity. This frontal attack centers on America as the most vaccinated society on this planet today. WARNING: This is NOT a bedtime story

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